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Partnering with Your Brand to Accelerate Your eCommerce Revenue


Phelps United eCommerce buys your products, markets, fulfills, and supports them while protecting your brand.

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100% Invested in Your Brand

We understand the challenges brands face trying to succeed in major marketplaces. By partnering with us, your brand would leverage a team of experts with decades of eCommerce experience that will provide personal attention and develop unique programs to meet its specific needs. We will be 100% invested in your brand buying your products and protecting and respecting your brand as an extension of your team.

100% Invested in Your Brand

Two Flexible Business Models

Phelps United is your brand’s turnkey, end-to-end eCommerce partner with two flexible, easy payment, brand acceleration options.

Buy & Sell

We pay you for the products, and Phelps United becomes your brand’s Authorized Strategic 3P Seller.

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Agency Services

You pay Phelps United to be your comprehensive agency service partner.

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Our Process

Here are the steps to our simple end-to-end process. Both business models include our full array of Marketplace Management Services.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We meet with you to understand your current pain points. Then we identify products to be sold or managed, preferred sales price, and volumes. We help you choose the right Business Model, then we take care of the rest.

Step 2: Choose Your Business Model

Buy & Sell: We buy your inventory, immediately place purchase orders and take stocking positions on products. We pay you fast.

Agency Services: We determine the scope of the catalog to be managed and the marketplace services required to increase your velocity.

Step 3: Strategy

We identify acceleration gaps and create a bespoke marketplace strategy to fill them for each product and category.

Step 4: Team, Tech, and Services

A dedicated account team applies high-end tech and our Marketplace Management Services to your listings. We invest in incremental advertising spend to boost your products further.

Step 5: Grow

Your sales and profits increase with no channel conflict, improved visibility, and world-class customer service.

Step 6: Accelerate Your Brand

We scale your brand to new channels, markets, and regions. Each channel gets a customized strategy and implementation designed just for your brand. You stay ahead of the competition as your sales volume increases.

How We Accelerate Your Brand

Phelps United offers your brand comprehensive services in 5 key areas that reduce your pain and increase your gain. We solve challenges Amazon sellers could face —you save time & expense while your sales and profits accelerate.

Brand Protection

Unauthorized Sellers

Get more control over your brand and pricing with MAP Policy compliance, Brand Registry and more.

Supply Chain & Fulfillment

Manage Logistics

Stay in stock with upfront inventory and managed marketplace logistics and fulfillment.

Customer Experience

Customer Service

Make life easy with world-class 24/7 customer service, product review management, and more.


Product Visibility

Optimize all your listings to drive traffic and improve ranking with custom content and deep reporting.

Account Management

Team & Infrastructure

Build an experienced virtual team on-demand with a dedicated brand account manager.

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How Phelps United eCommerce Guarantees Your Success

When you partner with Phelps United, here’s what you’ll get.

No-Risk Guarantee

No-Risk Guarantee

We’ll purchase more than your current sales volume and ensure that your run rates will increase with no commitment required.

Worry-Free Pricing Maintenance

Worry-Free Pricing Maintenance

Your pricing policies, including MAP price, will always be maintained.

Unauthorized Seller Protection

Unauthorized Seller Protection

Your brand will be treated and protected like our own because we help eliminate unauthorized sellers.

World-Class Customer Care

World-Class Customer Care

Receive 24/7 customer service with high-touch management, frequent and easy communication, with insightful and deep analytic reporting that meets or exceeds compliance with the rules of any marketplace.

Marketplaces We Work With

Phelps United is a top-ranked Amazon 3P seller with the experience and skills to grow your brand in all major eCommerce marketplaces.

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