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Maximizing Profits on Amazon: Hymie Zebede's Blueprint from $3M to $24M in Sales

Hymie Zebede provides you with the insider strategies you need to succeed. From dissecting the Amazon algorithm to optimizing your product listings, Hymie's experience in scaling brands is a goldmine for any seller looking to boost their online presence and sales.

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About this Podcast

The Planet Amazon podcast addresses all things Amazon and other eCommerce marketplaces. In each episode, we talk with Brands, Agencies and Sellers about Amazon news, new features, policies, brand policies, logistics, marketing, issues, and challenges, among other topics. All the discussions in this podcast will be from our and our guests' perspectives, always considering how to successfully manage brands on the $600+ Billion Amazon marketplace and the other eCommerce platforms.

This podcast is a must for all brands selling or looking to sell on eCommerce marketplaces.



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Episode 17

Maximizing Profits on Amazon: Hymie Zebede's Blueprint from $3M to $24M in Sales

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Episode 16

Amazon Entrepreneur's Guide: Innovations, Advertising Tactics, and Selling Success

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Episode 15

Winning Appeals and Protecting Your Brand on Amazon

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Episode 14

Leveraging Amazon and Shopify for E-commerce Victory

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Episode 13

Amazon Business Mastery: Long-Term Profitability and Suspension Survival Tips

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Episode 12

Turbocharge Your Global Sales: Breaking into the European Amazon Market

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Episode 11

Beyond Online Selling: A Fresh Perspective on Amazon Strategies

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Episode 10

Safeguarding Your Brand on Amazon: Trademark Insights and Strategies

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Ben Smith BuzzSprout thumbnail Episode 15 (1)


Ben Smith from Seller Candy, promises a treasure trove of strategies and insights as he unveils the less glamorous yet utterly essential aspects of thriving on Amazon. 

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BuzzSprout thumbnail Episode Now 14-2


Claus Lauter brings his extensive experience from advising numerous direct-to-consumer brands, and his expertise as a certified Shopify partner, to explain how to leverage Amazon and Shopify for maximum gain.

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Lesley Hensell BuzzSprout thumbnail Episode 13_3000x3000


Lesley Hensell, co-founder of Riverbend Consulting, shares her wealth of knowledge and practical tips, from her impressive career in business consulting to her hands-on Amazon selling experiences.

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BuzzSprout thumbnail Episode 12


Piero Perera, the manager of growth and strategy at AVASK, offers insights and practical advice that could be game-changing for your Amazon selling journey.

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BuzzSprout thumbnail Episode 11_3000x3000


James Thomson, a managing partner at Equity Value Advisors and a veteran Amazon strategist has helped hundreds of brands sell billions on Amazon, and
co-authored two Amazon books.

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BuzzSprout thumbnail Episode 10_3000x3000


Janet Moreira, our guest from Caldera Law, joined us in this Planet Amazon podcast to explain the legal protection a trademark offers, and advise on avoiding brand name conflicts.

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BuzzSprout thumbnail Episode 9_3000x3000


Scott Needham, founder & CEO of SmartScout and host of the Smartest Amazon Seller Podcast, talks about his rollercoaster tale packed with insights, strategies, and an incredible entrepreneurial spirit!

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BuzzSprout thumbnail Episode 8_3000x3000


Sammy Akthar from Regro Media brings his wealth of experience as an Amazon seller to our show. He highlights the universality of Amazon's algorithm and the unique challenges of advertising on Amazon.

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BuzzSprout thumbnail Episode 7_3000x3000


Gent Nemani from Joan by Visionect, shares his experience of how this B2B company has managed channel conflict and pricing by entering the Amazon world with their revolutionary Joan conference product line. 

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BuzzSprout thumbnail Episode 6_3000x3000


Juha Mikkola, founder of Usko Privacy, explains his revolutionary idea to connect Amazon brands and sellers directly with their customers. This is a new way of doing off-Amazon advertising where the customer agrees to get contacted by the seller.

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BuzzSprout thumbnail Episode 5-1


In this episode, we're joined by Andrew Dragotta and James McMath, from HPE Aruba Networking, to discuss how they successfully leveraged the Amazon marketplace to sell their commercial products.

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BuzzSprout thumbnail Episode 4 3000x3000


In this episode, Nikolai Tahmin, an Amazon expert, shares his knowledge and insights by answering the top burning questions that Amazon sellers ask more frequently.

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Planet Amazon square thumbnail Epsisode 3


In this episode, Rob Rich, Chief Business Officer EVP/GM of E-Commerce for OWYN, talks about the amazing success story of OWYN becoming the most popular plant-based protein shake seller on Amazon.

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Thumbnail Episode 2 Brand Protection 3000x3000_V2


In this episode, Emmanuel Frost and Kyle Balcerak from Brand Alignment discuss the importance of protecting brands on Amazon. While Amazon presents a huge opportunity for brands, it is not without risk; it is complicated and ever-changing. 

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Square thumbnail_Planet Amazon podcast_Holiday Gifts Episode 1


In this episode, Adam Shaffer, Phelps United President, and Scott Baradell, Founder and CEO of Idea Grove and author of his new book, Trust Signals: Brand Building in a Post-Truth World, discuss the behavior predicted for Americans in 2022 when it comes to Holiday Gifts returns.
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Meet The Podcast Host

Adam Shaffer

Planet Amazon Podcast is hosted by Adam Shaffer, President of Phelps United and a veteran/leader in the eCommerce industry. Adam is a pioneer in direct marketing and digital eCommerce of technology products and solutions to both consumer and commercial markets. With over 30 years of industry experience, and the unique ability to manage large organizations and startups, he has been responsible for successfully managing and driving growth at some of the largest publicly traded IT Solutions providers. Through his company’s proprietary technology, services and distribution platform, Adam has found success in helping Amazon sellers scale their eCommerce channels as part of their overall brand strategy. This has helped clients navigate the most complex waters of the world’s largest eCommerce site.

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