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Why Shopping Events?

Timing is everything in e-commerce. Brands can make the most of Amazon Shopping Events throughout the year, strategically planned to coincide with holidays, seasons, and Amazon-specific occasions.
These events, like Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the Holiday Season, bring an influx of customers searching for specific products, creating a surge in demand that can propel your brand to new heights.
Don’t miss these events and get ready with us.
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Important Dates for Prime Day 2024

Start prepping now

May 3: Create Deals

Craft your irresistible deals to secure your spot in the sale. Ensure your account and products meet the eligibility criteria, with ratings exceeding 4 stars.

June 20: Send FBA Inventory

Ensure your FBA inventory reaches our fulfillment centers. Plan ahead and ship early to tackle any potential logistics hurdles.

Pro Tip

Explore Prime Exclusive Discounts for added allure, available before or during the event, as long as they meet Prime Day eligibility standards.

Amazon Shopping Events Checklist

Prepare before, during and after each shopping event


If you're eager to maximize your brand's success during this retail extravaganza, explore our comprehensive step-by-step preparation checklist below!

CHECKLIST: Before Shopping Events

1. Understand the importance of Amazon Shopping Events

2. Logistics Prep

   Learn how to bulk ship to FBA (Pallets) to save on fulfillment costs

   Ensure you have the necessary inventory to get enough products into FBA fby the forecasted due date for inventory to arrive at US fulfillment centers for each shopping event.

   Know your Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score. You should target 500 IPI for Prime Day

   Include product inserts in your packaging. Review Amazon TOS for the latest updates/rules

   Check your return policy (Exclusive to FBM) for restocking fees

3. Brand Protection Prep

   Secure brand registry if you are not registered yet

   Identify and remove unauthorized sellers

   Adjust pricing to win the Buy Box at MAP

4. Listing / Content Prep

   Audit your listing

   Optimize keywords for discoverability

   Optimize digital assets and SEO for buyability

   Set accurate expectations to mitigate returns and poor reviews

   Make sure all listings are active and not stranded or suppressed

   Create fallback FBM listings

5. Pricing / Coupons

   Schedule your promotions ahead of time

   Be creative with your promotions

   Create and submit Amazon Lightning Deals by the due date established for each shopping event

   Create and submit Coupons

   Set up Prime Exclusive Discounts

   Consider leveraging/employing Repricer (Third Party)

6. Create an advertisement Strategy

   Prep - Sponsored Product ads

   Prep- Brand / Brand video ads

   Prep - Sponsored Display ads

   Manage Negative Reviews

    Generate Social Media Buzz

   Share promo codes

   Optimize your PPC campaigns

   Schedule Dayparting for strategic campaigns


Amazon shopping event is approaching! NOW WHAT?

You’re prepared and now your brand is ready to roll, but the work hasn’t quite stopped yet! You need to do some important things on the day of to ensure your brand makes the most out of these events! 

CHECKLIST: During Shopping Events

1. Don’t run out of Inventory!

2. Increase ad spend

  Increase top-performing keyword bids by another 35%-50%

   Add bid multipliers for Top of Search by 25% 

   Increase daily budget by 100%-200%

   Limit sponsored brand ad spend

3. Advertising

  Develop an Offensive strategy with Sponsored Display 

  Share promo codes

  Share prime exclusive discounts 

4. Develop a Defensive strategy with Sponsored Display

  Re-target your own product listings to protect your space

  Targeting with different variations / product lines to increase conversions for a low ACOS

  Stay on the defensive*

* Many New-to-Brand (NTB) orders are generated from a defensive strategy and targeting your own product pages, especially if you have a large SKU count.


The craziness is over! Hopefully, it was a huge success for your brand. Even more so, you probably learned a lot along the way! Even after the event is over, there are still a few things you want to remember, be aware of and work on to continue to reap the benefits of this eCommerce event. 


1. Expect aftershocks

  Mark down products

  Negotiate a buyback with your suppliers

  Create an outlet deal

  Remove inventory in bulk

2. Use the data to retarget customers who interacted with your products on Prime Day

3. Reduce your budgets

4. Monitor Key Metrics to use data on upcoming holidays and future prime days

  Average Unit Retail (AUR)

  Order Defect Rate (ODR)

  ACoS and TACoS

  Conversion Rates

   Buyer-Seller Contact Response Time (CRT)

5. Take notes for the following shopping event

Want to test your Amazon knowledge?



Want to learn more?

Download our Amazon Shopping Events Readiness guide and deep dive into the following areas, so you are ready for any upcoming Amazon event:

 Shopping Events Calendar


 Pricing and Couponing

 Brand Protection






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With careful planning and smart tactics, you can optimize your strategy for an excellent revenue boost.

For expert guidance as you prepare for Amazon Shopping Events, reach out to our team at Phelps United.