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Planet Amazon Podcast Episode 10

Safeguarding Your Brand on Amazon: Trademark Insights and Strategies 


Hubspot Episode 10 Landing Page (1)Have you ever wondered why a trademark is your golden ticket to success on Amazon and how to effectively navigate the Accelerator program for early access to the Amazon Brand Registry? Janet Moreira, our guest from Caldera Law, joined us in this Planet Amazon podcast to answer these questions, explain the legal protection a trademark offers, and advise on avoiding brand name conflicts.

Janet talked about the myriad of tools Amazon provides to safeguard your brand, the right course of action if another seller uses your trademark, and how to report a violation to Amazon's Brand Registry team.

Tune in and arm yourself with the knowledge to protect your brand and thrive on Amazon.

To learn more about Caldera Law, https://www.caldera.law/


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Janet Moreira

Partner / Trademark Practice Leader Caldera Law

Janet Moreira has more than twenty years of experience counseling clients in the areas of… Read More

Adam Shaffer

Phelps United President

Adam is a pioneer in direct marketing and digital eCommerce of technology products and… Read More

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