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Planet Amazon Podcast Episode 11

Beyond Online Selling: A Fresh Perspective on Amazon Strategies 


Hubspot Episode 11 Landing Page (1)In this episode, we are joined by James Thomson, a managing partner at Equity Value Advisors and a veteran Amazon strategist who has helped hundreds of brands sell billions on Amazon, co-authored two Amazon books, co-founded one of the most important conferences for Amazon Sellers, The PROSPER Show, and serve as a CSOat Buy Box Experts. Having spent two decades navigating the Amazon ecosystem, James is here to share the secrets of how brands can truly succeed on this ever-evolving platform. 

James explores the transformative power of Amazon's advertising platform, the disruption caused by lesser-known brands in the marketplace, leveraging customer reviews, managing brand presence and channel conflicts, and the importance of maintaining a consistent brand story. Additionally, he discusses the strategic aspects of managing relationships with Amazon, balancing online and offline strategies, adapting to diverse marketplaces, and concludes by showcasing how small businesses can leverage Amazon's direct-to-consumer opportunities for transformation.

For more information about James Thomson, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/jblthomson/ 


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