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Planet Amazon Podcast Episode 15

Winning Appeals and Protecting Your Brand on Amazon


HubSpot Episode Now 15 Landing PageOn this episode, Ben Smith from Seller Candy, promises a treasure trove of strategies and insights as Ben unveils the less glamorous yet utterly essential aspects of thriving on Amazon. From the art of crafting winning appeals to the daily grind of managing listing issues and seller support tickets, the conversation is a must-listen for any brand aiming to conquer the digital shelves of the world's largest online retailer.

 Ben dissects the nuanced approach to handling challenges like Amazon's cryptic notifications or being entangled in the web of feedback and returns. He also shares anecdotes and advice on how to avoid the 'bait and switch' scams, among other issues. 

Whether you're contemplating the delegation of time-consuming tasks or conducting a gap analysis to streamline your operations, this episode is your guide to scaling success on Amazon and beyond. Join us for a conversation that's as informative as it is inspiring, and let's chart a course for your most successful year yet.

For more information about Seller Candy, please visit https://sellercandy.com/ 

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Ben Smith_Headshot

Ben Smith

Head of Sales, Partnerships & Marketing at Seller Candy

Ben Smith is a seasoned professional with a deep-rooted passion for eCommerce, Amazon, and… Read More

Adam Shaffer

Phelps United President

Adam is a pioneer in direct marketing and digital eCommerce of technology products and… Read More

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