Online reviews can have a major impact on your business. They act as word of mouth of trustful content about your business and how you treat customers. In fact, they’re so important that in a recent study shows 79% of consumers said they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The volume of positive product reviews also helps products move up in Amazon’s A10 search algorithm.  The study also found that 85% of consumers said they read online reviews for local businesses. So how do you earn more Amazon reviews, while providing exceptional customer service? How do you get to a place where customers can look at your product and trust the reviews? It’s not too overwhelming; you just need to follow some of the steps we’ve laid out below.

Why do reviews matter?

  • Push potential buyers into hitting “complete purchase”
  • Gives an edge over competitors
  • Gives customer assurance of quality
  • Acts as word of mouth advertising

Be a great business that provides exceptional customer service

This sounds like a given. Not only do you need an exceptional product but your customer service should be over the top too. This way, if a customer runs into an issue, this can be quickly taken care of and the problem could be resolved. By doing this, you increase your chances of getting a good review from someone who just had a problem solved with ease.

One trick is to be upfront and honest about what you’re selling. Don’t try to sell the product by upwording the description and specifications but rather be transparent and real about what the customer is getting. Precise information will give customers a clear understanding of what they are ordering and you can avoid bad reviews based on false expectations.

Send follow up emails after a purchase is made

Amazon will ask for feedback after a purchase but it’s a generic email that most customers ultimately ignore. Try sending a personalized email asking for a review. Send it shortly after the delivery is made so it is still fresh from the purchase. There are even sites you can use that automatically send customized feedback request emails. The easier you make it for customers to leave reviews the better the chances they do.

Request reviews via social media

The odds are that those that follow you on social media are fans of your product. So why not go ahead and ask them for reviews. More than likely, they are already verified purchasers who never left a review originally. Asking on social media creates a movement for your biggest fans who want to be a small part of the company or at least follow along.

Include product inserts

A product insert helps to get positive reviews because these can have additional information alleviating confusion. It’s important not to incentivize customers to leave a review in the product insert. Instead, you could have an additional discount code printed that could prompt the customer to make an additional purchase. Customers who come back for multiple purchases are more likely to leave reviews.

Review services

Amazon holds a list of “top reviewers”, who in some cases  have titles like “hall of fame reviewer”. You can’t directly solicit a review from them, but you can offer to send them your product. To do a review is completely up to them, but based on the fact they have a title, it’s more likely that they will do it.

There are also discount and coupon deals that will lower your price and increase sales. The more sales you have, the better your chances of getting reviews. It’s not a good idea to consistently offer discounts, but it might be a good idea to build reviews when you’re starting out .


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